Right Time, Right Place, Wright City

Attorney Information

Entry of Appearance /  Discovery Request
Please mail your entry of appearance, request for a recommendation and request for discovery (if applicable) to:

The City of Wright City City Municipal Division
PO Box 436
Wright City, MO 63390

A copy of your entry of appearance , request for discovery and self addressed stamped envelope should be sent to the prosecuting attorney at the same address.

Questions regarding recommendations should be directed to Prosecuting Attorney Catherine Hoag at this email address: cityprosecutor@wrightcity.org.

Alcohol-related Driving Offenses

This Court requires attorneys appear in Court with their client for the disposition of all driving while intoxicated or driving with excessive blood-alcohol content cases. If your client has completed any special conditions of probation prior to his/her plea, please provide copies of the certificates of completion to the Court at the disposition hearing. Court sessions are held in the Wil Heiliger Activity Building on the grounds of Diekroeger Park, 13410 Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Court Personnel

The Honorable Nathan Carroz

Marie Hollenbeck
Court Administrator

All correspondence for court personnel should be directed to:

PO Box 436
Wright City, MO 63390
Telephone: 636-745-1025
Fax: 636-745-3119