The Wright City Utility Department handles the delivery of water, sewer and trash service to the residents of Wright City.  Business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Payments can be made at City Hall during business hours at the 24 hour drop box, located directly across from the Police Department or online using your credit card at

In order to set up, disconnect, or change service to an address, please see the forms provided on this site.  Any person renting is required to place a $100.00 deposit in order to set up services.  Information is provided to new residents with important local listings and phone numbers. 

The Public Works Department consists of 4 employees who are responsible for maintaining streets, to include snow plowing, asphalt and concrete maintenance, street sign installation and repair.  They maintain the sewer treatment plant, install new lines, maintain existing lines to include cleaning, backup and pump station maintenance.  Testing and reporting for wastewater to Department of Natural Resources.  They install new water lines, maintain existing lines, fire hydrants and maintenance of 3 wells and towers.  Testing and reporting for water quality to Department of Natural Resources.  There are numerous other tasks that are tended to on an as needed basis.

Someone from the Public Works Department can be reached by calling City Hall at 636-745-3101, if you have emergency outside of working hours you can call 911 or the 911 non-emergency at 800-237-9020.

Sewer Problems - If your sewer is backing up, please contact the City BEFORE you contact a plumber. If it is after hours you will need to call Central Dispatch @ 1-800-237-9020.