Occupancy Permit Requirements

City of Wright City


The City of Wright City requires an Occupancy Inspection to be done on any apartment or residence PRIOR  to a new tenant moving in. You may schedule an inspection with City Hall by calling 636-745-3101 Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 pm, 24-hour notice is required.  There is a fee of $50.00 for the inspection that is to be paid before any services can be set up at City Hall.  This fee is to be paid at City Hall at which time you will receive your Occupancy Permit.  If you have any questions please call.

Residential Occupancy Initial Inspection fee     . . . . . .   $50.00
  First re-inspection fee                            . . . . . .        n/c
  Each additional re-inspection fee           . . . . . .    2 times the Initial fee
Commercial Occupancy Initial Inspection fee    . . . . . .     $100.00 min.
  First re-inspection fee                                                n/c
  Each additional re-inspection fee          . . . . . .     2 times the Initial fee
Warehouse/Storage of Non-Hazardous materials shall use a multiplier of .001 for existing non-changing spaces. (Example 200,000 sf x .001 = $200.00 fee).
If any changes are being made to the existing space the fees would be determined by following the Building Permit Fee calculations as outlined in WCC 505.030.


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